Pick Up Your Pen, The Art of Handwriting   -              By: Monica Dengo

I LOVE this.
LOVE it.

A visual treat that I would have adored as a homeschooling kid (and, as I still remain a rather font-obsessed person, am head over heels for even now), Monica Dengo’s Pick Up Your Pen is an inspiring guide to Italic Handwriting that’s beautiful, whimsical, and about as far from a boring handwriting book as you can possibly get.

Each cream-colored page has color on it—beautiful, rich, paint-and-marker color. The letters loop and flow, stand on top of each other, and are stacked up alongside the guidelines. These are pages that are just begging to be written in, doodled in—a real-life inspiration to tap into way we unconsciously scribble in the margins.

The two-page spreads focus on the same letter in either upper or lower-case. The left-hand page features colorful, whimsically drawn letters on a blank, unlined page that encourages experimentation; the right-hand page features italic instruction with model letters to copy and lines to practice on. Even the numbers at the bottom of the page are put to use, with directional arrows showing how to correctly form them. This isn’t a rigorous curriculum that provides instruction like a multi-volume, standard handwriting series would—there are no full words or sentences—but as a supplement, art book, “finished product,” or a different take on a subject, this is a fabulous workbook.

In a world dominated by keyboards and computers, inspire kids to see the creativity, line, and movement in the art of handwriting once again! 107 cream-colored, book-esque pages, softcover. 11.75” long, 8.25” high.

Currently $11.99 (20% off the retail price) at Christianbook.com.

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