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Feb 29

Heart Expressions

Posted on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in My Picks, Sentiment Gifts


Give a lift, send a smile, surprise someone you love!

Heart Expressions stone with space for your personal note on the reverse;
24 styles to choose from;
for the occasions and celebrations of life.

Dec 30

Baby Welcome

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2011 in Baby Gifts

My friend Erica just became a grandmother for the first time. While I’m a veteran in that department, we can never forget the excitement and joy of the arrival of our granddaughter, and the unique and blessed happiness that colored the lives of our daughter and “son”.  (And still does.)

How pleased I was to find a figurine keepsake that celebrates the new family. It’s elegant and understated, a gentle design of mother, dad, and baby, by artist Kim Lawrence.










And for the new grandma, this mug is most appropo.






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Dec 29

You and your calendar

Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2011 in New Year

Each year I need three calendars: one for my desk at work, one in my purse, and one inside my kitchen door for the family.

At one point I randomly used anything, – the oil delivery calendar, the bakery giveaway, and flimsy little notebooks. But once I recognized I was referring to these tools daily, for twelve whole months, I opted for art, beauty, convenience, and better organization skills.

My desk calendar is always in book form, ready to go for meetings, but always open beside my computer with deadlines, doodle notes to myself, and lists I must not forget. The folk art  Lang Calendar at home is made of such elegant thick paper and the blocks are just right for family dates, appointments, and birthdays.  And in my purse I’m carrying a slim, eye-popping pocket planner for girlfriend dates, prayer requests, and car repair appointments.


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Dec 28

2011 Blessings

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 in New Year

As we round the bend to 2012 we look back on a myriad of blessings and good things here at We’re up in the top corner of the states, close by the coast, and not too far from Boston. Our customer base extends around the world and semi tractor trailer trucks loaded with packages have rolled out of our driveway  on their way to our wonderful customers; customers like you… and you are a blessing we are thankful for every day.

Thoughts on blessings:

  • Not only is it a smart spiritual discipline to make a list of blessings, but it’s therapeutic as well. Months later when you flip back and re-read your list, you’ll know that your cup is overflowing.


  • In a prayer group one night we all were asked to write down and share three things we were thankful for. We piled them all into a box then drew out one slip of paper at a time and read them aloud. Soap and hot water. Shoes. Eyeglasses. This sounded more like my take-it-for-granted list. Other women had listed health, forgiveness of sins, heaven ahead of us, the Holy Spirit. From the everyday basics to the glorious future, we specifically gave thanks for it all. We went home feeling rich and contented and even spoiled.

A New Year’s Eve tradition of counting blessings is an exciting way to close out the past 12 months. And then keep on going in January….You’ll be so glad you did!