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1 & 2 Timothy & Titus

A new series!

Inexpensive (the first volume is priced under 10$!), eminently practical, and exceptionally user-friendly, Broadman and Holman’s new Christ-Centered Exposition commentary is the best new series for taking your Bible study to the next level.


Expository commentaries are excellent aids for exegesis. They tease out details, augment observation, and force us to zoom-in even closer to the text. Most expository commentaries read like an adapted sermon and typically proceed point-to-point with no break in the text. They are clean, polished works. The Christ-Centered series is messy–more like going over well-organized notes verse-by-verse. The writing is non-technical, pithy, and drives interaction both with the Bible and the commentary. It is not a commentary for your night stand; it is a commentary for your study. Not just for pencil underlining; but for use with a notepad, an eraser, and perhaps even a ruler. Outlines and a one-sentence “big idea” begin each new section, key words are in bold, and 10 study questions conclude each unit. But the best feature of these commentaries is that the authors always aim to drive the reader toward Christ. Christ is at the center of each books goals–to learn more about him, to understand his life and work better, and to exalt him. All projected 48-volumes will be written by preachers known for clarity and the quality of both their preaching and writing.

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When these commentaries sit on your shelf they won’t be a decoration; they will be well used tools. Deciding to step-up to the next level of Bible study–sustained expository study of Scripture–is a big decision requiring time, effort, and discipline. But it also gives you access to the very blueprint of the Christian faith. The Christ-Centered Exposition is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to make the bold next step in their study of the Scriptures. The first volume in the series Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus is now available for preorder!

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