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From Zondervan, a new innovative collection of devotions crafted for students of the Greek New Testament!

If you are like me, you have long wished for devotional material with a little more substance and a lot less sentiment. In Devotions on the Greek New Testament that is exactly what you get. Each devotion in this little book succinctly unpacks a particular feature of the Greek language in order to elucidate Scripture’s message. For example, writing on John 11.38, J. Scott Duvall, points out that typical glosses given to the Greek verb ἐμβριμaoμaι  such as “deeply troubled” misrepresent the meaning of the word significantly. What John has in mind, according to Duvall, is not an internal emotion akin to personal grief, but a hostility to death communicated in outward way. Jesus is openly indignant or visibly angry, not emotionally troubled.

This is a dramatic difference in the way many of us learned to understand John 11.38. But it is also directly pertinent to our spirituality as it confirms the open hostility of Jesus–and therefore of Christianity and Christians–to death. Death is the “enemy” Paul would later tell the Corinthians.

Consequently, not only does this book help you integrate Greek more fully into your spiritual life, it serves the practical purpose of strengthening your skill with and knowledge of the language.  If you are a Pastor this can only help deepen your congregation’s knowledge of the Bible, and if you are a student or professor it will help you continue to focus on your studies without losing your spiritual vitality.

Covering multiple passages from each NT book, and comprised of 52 separate devotions each by leading experts in the Greek New Testament, Devotion in the Greek New Testament is the perfect resource for bringing your spiritual life into conversation with your work as a biblical interpreter. Fresh, insightful, and helpful this book will also make an outstanding last minute gift (stocking stuffer!) for anyone studying the New Testament in original languages!


Contributors Include:

  • Roy E. Ciampa
  • Scot McKnight
  • Craig Blomberg
  • Gary Manning, Jr.
  • David Wallace
  • Dean Deppe
  • Verlyn Verbrugge
  • J. Scott Duvall
  • Matt Williams
  • William Mounce
  • Darrell Bock
  • Mark Wilson
  • Ben Witherington
  • Gary Burge
  • Keith Krell
  • Paul Jackson
  • Michelle Lee-Barnewall
  •  J.R. Dodson
  • Mark Strauss
  • Constantine Campbell
  • David Matthewson
  • Lynn Cohick
  • David Morgan
  • Mark Wilson
  • Verlyn Verbrugge
  • C. Marvin Pate
  • Joel Willitts
  • Jameson Ross
  • Kenneth Berding
  • George Guthrie
  • Alan Bandy
  • Max Lee
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